Coding Pirates

Alright! I earlier announced that Constructing Kids (Martin Exner) and Lizard Factory (Nils Munch) was in the progress of designing a game that teaches kids to code and be “it-creative”. The game is now almost ready for beta testers to try! (click here to register iPhone or iPad as beta test device via Test Flight)


Coding Pirates. Plash screen

So what is the game about?
You are a young pirate. We twisted the plot so instead of looking for treasure, you are hiding it on small islands and meanwhile writing the secret map. The map-writing part with instructions on how to find the treasure is a lot like writing computer code.

foto (9)

For instance, if the treasure is hidden behind a tree, you would write something like this:

if see tree = turn left -> move forward -> turn right -> move forward -> turn right -> move forward. Else = turn right -> move forward

using drag-n-drop coding elements. In the game it would look like this (or at least at this point):

foto (3)

And if you wanted to loop a sequence, lets say

move forward -> turn left -> move forward -> turn right

you would have to use the loop-tiles: Anchors. This symbol is not good and intuitive for a looping sequence, i know.  So we are thinking of better symbols at this moment. But for now it would look like this:

foto (4)

And so the story goes. When you get better, the code you write will be more complex. loops inside if-else-statements can turn into AI quite nicely. And when we get the multiplayer functionality up and running, the code war will start to get really interesting. I am quite certain that this is a true easy to learn – hard to master game.

Here is an example of complex code written in Coding Pirates to complete this level (on an earlier version though):


A screendump from an early alfa version

Still a lot of graphics, functionality, missions, enemies and obstacles aren’t ready yet. The multiplayer and in-app shop is still not scripted, and we want the map tiles to look more like this:


Final ground tile design

Also the character isn’t animated to move smoothly yet, but we hope we can make this game awesome with your input :)



The hero. What should we name him?

If you want to be a beta