Experimentarium City in the heart of Copenhagen

Experimentarium City in Copenhagen

Experimentarium City in Copenhagen

I’ve reviewed Science Museums before (read my reviews of the Danish National Museum of Science and Technology and the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine)

This time I payed Experimentarium City a visit!

Experimentarium is the oldest Science Center in Denmark, established 1988. I’ve visited this place alot of times as a kid – great memories there but I admit that it began to look a bit worn out. Recently closed their location in Hellerup to redesign the place. This takes years (and more years than expected because of an inconvenient fire!). Experimentarium is therefore temporary relocated at “The Paper Island” in Copenhagen.
That could lead people to think that Experimentarium packed up all their old installations only to relocate it in the new building.

But luckily, they did something else!

The fire of the Experimentarium in Hellerup

The fire of the Experimentarium in Hellerup

I would estimaate that the new place “Experimentarium City” consist of about 75% new material.

Amoung this is a temporary exhibition called “Pulse” – a brilliant way to mix collaboration, competition, exercise, digital documentation, data, family time, and fun.


Signup booth. Here you create the team. We were “Team NMM” – initial letters of my son, his friend and me.



The first thing you see when entering Experimentarium City is the registration booth. Here you register to try the machines, contraptions, exhibitions in teams – not alone! The entry ticket is a chipped paper bracelet – connected to your team data, when you try stuff.

One of the most brilliant things about the “Pulse” exhibition is the picture-taking functionallity. Cameras installed various places around the exhibition takes pictures of you and your team for you.

Sounds creepy? Its not.

The pictures are mailed to you afterwards, so you can focus on having fun with your family instead of constantly documenting and taking pictures yourself – its been taking care of ;-)

Still sceptical? Read the Privacy Disclaimer of the exhibition.

Some of the pictures automatically shot from the installations:

This gif was also shot automatically:

High jump

High jump

Another temporary exhibition was called “Brain”. Here you could scan your brain in a fake CT-scanner (though the experience was quite real) and get the scan emailed and witness lots of other twisted facts and contraptions that could mix up your mind.

The CT scanner

The CT scanner

Final stop before leaving the building was the notorious museum shop. I remember this from when I was a kid, filled with tons of inspiring science kits, contraptions, DIY crystals, LEGO’s,  plastic dino’s and stuff.

They even had a Wilesco miniature steam engine. Same model I had – and turned into a LEGO Steam Car a couple of years ago.

All in all, great temporary site for the Experimentarium. I hope the permanent Experimentarium in Hellerup will match the standards, when they move back!

And ofcourse, the madatory “Termo selfie”! Believe it or not – im actually smiling!

Termo selfie - im actually smiling

Termo selfie – im actually smiling

Visit Experimentarium City before they leave “The Paper Island” again ;-)