A game in the making at ConstructingKids

I’ve been looking for a good puzzle game aiming to teach kids to code. Many exists, but in my opinion, none meets my criteria of what a good VPLG (Visual Programming Language Game) is. To me, a VPLG should contain a GUI that is close to 100% visual. If not, the target group would  leave the youngest coders out. It should also contain an escapism element that liberates the player from his everyday life and takes him into a fantasy world. The storytelling element is important to making the player want to play next level and the levels; they should be challenge-based while meeting the target group in it’s flow,  which is when competencies and complexity goes hand in hand. This is of course hard, since the target group is exceptionally broad (should consists of kids and geeks). Therefore there should be optional goals that geeks would be able to complete but not necessarily the kids. Finally, a good VPLG is not really good if you can’t compete against, cooperate with or get inspired by your friends. Therefore multiplayer will be integrated.

This game is in the making! Behind it stands Martin Exner from Constructing Kids and Nils Munch from Lizard Factory. I will keep you updated during the process so here is the first shot.

in the making