Geeks having Fun with fishless fish bowl

My son has talked about getting an aquarium with fish for some time now. But still I was surprised when my wife came home with a 100 liter fish tank! OK, no way back, so I might as well go all in and be a part of the project, in my own geeky way.

RC submarineAfter a visit to Eksperimentarium in Copenhagen, I found this RC controlled Mini Submarine in the museum shop. I bought it, and of course I tried to give my wife the impression that is was my son’s idea (I don’t think she fell for it though). Anyways, we went straight home and was looking forward to tests it in the fish-less fish tank.

These pictures and the following video, are from the first test run of the truly amazing vehicle! My son was able to control it, almost better than when he controls RC cars. He is however, not satisfied with the fact, that:

“when pressing up, the sub dives and when pressing down, the sub heads for surface”

In the fish bowl there were no plants or fish…only gravel and water. I recommend it that way! The submarine has rotors that rotates really fast…and we don’t want another fish in a blender (NSFW!)

The submarine charges from the controller, and the controller uses 4x AA batteries. Charging takes only 10 minutes, and gives the sub about 5 minutes of diving time.

Heres a video of the first time the sub came  in the water. My son is controlling.

I also wanted to find a cool robot fish to swim around look awesome. Unfortunately, this little friend is not in stores. It’s a reseach project developed at Osaka University, designed to search for polution in the ocean. It neat, transparent so you can see the motor, battery and other electrical parts, which is awesome. This video shows how realistic it is in the water

instead I found this on amazon!

IMG_0563It’s a green little fish. It uses 2x LR44 batteries and swims so incredibly realistic that my wife got fooled for a moment thinking it was real! It dives, changes speed, and when you pick it up of the water, it turns off automatically. About the fish, my son said:

The tail swipes from side to side and it looks so much like a real fish! All the other fish followed it, maybe because they thought it was a real living fish. I also took it with me to the bath tub. The fish was a piranha and I tried to prevent it from touching me, which was really fun.

This video shows the first swim our little fish had in the bowl:

Our next project is to build the underwater diorama. We are planning to build something using LEGO, something like a sunken city or a pirate ship with skeletons, we are not sure yet. But my son found this video of a retro gaming Super Mario diorama by redditor Jenny LeightB, that he really likes:

Everything is constructed using LEGO. For more pictures, visit the post.

On the issue on putting LEGO into fish bowl, aquariacentral says, that it’s completely safe!

But please don’t even think of putting a minisub into the bowl with fish. It’s a stupid idea.