Last minute christmas present ideas for geeks!

In case you haven’t bought them yet (!), here are some innovative and creative ideas for your kids:



If you want your kid to learn to code, but you want it to be fun, this is one way to do it. The board game is based on commands in the programming language “C” instead of using traditional get-out-of-jail-cards, ect. It’s a fun way to be together if you are a bunch of geeks…maybe its more suited for buys than girls.

Find out more about this game here

HOW MACHINES WORK (Book /construction kit)

How Machines Work (danish edition)

This book/construction kit contains plenty of gears and other mechanical parts, all made out of cardboard! The book gives tutorials and explanation on the various constructions that you can build. Lots of great illustrations! A great gift for your preschool/1. grade kid.

Find out more about the book here

LASER PEGS (Construction toy)

Laser pegs

Laser pegs

This construction toy lights up when assembled. You can build whatever you want using the various pieces with various functions, almost like building robots. Really great and good looking toy that can be compared to a LEGO space ship that “Just got pimped!” from 7 years and up…maybe dad would be more pleased than anyone in the family :)

Find out more about Laser Pegs here

Merry Christmas!