Thomas Suarez 12-year-old app developer

When Thomas Suarez was 10 years old, he fell for the iPhone. He already had programming experience from Python, C and Java, and now he wanted to give the apple app development kit a chance. Only problem: The 99$ fee. 

Luckily, Suarez persuaded his parents to pay. Soon after, he made “Bustin Jieber”, a wack-a-mole game with his anti-Bierber-fans at school as audience.

Now, Suarez is 12 years old and gave a TEDTalk at TEDxManhattanBeach, a privilege reserved for a few innovators, researchers and originals.

At school, Suarez has created an “app club” where other kids can come and create apps and share experiences. A friendly teacher funds the club and Suarez is now a part of the official Apple iPad Pilot Program.

As Suarez points out, today kids knows more about technology than adults, therefore teachers should use this as a resource in class.

Suarez sees Steve Jobs as an icon, but in many ways I see Suarez as a better person, because he focuses more on sharing than on making money. Maybe that’s just a question of age before Suarez gets corrupted as well?

In the future, Suarez wants to go into Android programming, and find new ways to share experiences and learn from each other.

Thomas Suarez is a brilliant example of how the kids mind can create things that are more succesful, I mean what adult (or at least what adult mind) would create an Bierber wack-a-mole for his fellow students, knowing it’s going to be a success? But the 99$ fee is a barrier for other young future Apple App developers, who can’t persuade their parents to pay.