Follow Up: What Happend To Caine’s Arcade

It’s been a year, since we first heard about Caine Monroy and his Arcade. Back then, a guy named Nirvan Mullick bought a fun-pass, and got so amazed by Caine’s skills and imagination, he organized a Flash Mob, a song, a and a video, all this, to put focus on the, at that time, 9-year-old boy and his creative talent! I wrote about him earlier ( ), but what happened since then?


Nirvan launched a College foundation aimed at Caine. After the first day it reached 100.000 $ !

Sir Ken Robinson, the famous advisor on education and the author of the most watched TEDTalk “School kills creativity” (with more than 8 million views) praises Caine and his creative mind! Ken uses him as an example, saying that Caine’s got what the school doesn’t teach! He often talks about how the school rectified children from being creative and open-minded, to become citizens of a society from the past, by killing all innovation and originality.

Rob Manning, Chief engineer at NASA, met Caine and finds several parallels between his and Caine’s childhood. Rob started building cardboard-rockets and spacecrafts in the backyard, now Rob has builded a real spacecraft that landed on Mars.

The hype and media around Caine led to an enormous amount of reactions from children, who shared their cardboard-creations and builded arcades and machines, all inspired by Caine. The contributions are touching!

All this led to a Global Cardboard Challenge: Children submit their cardboard creations to participate. You can do it here:

Today, The movie about Caine’s Arcade has been watched more than 6 million times on and! Caine has “hired” many young employees who also wears the recognizable blue “Staff”-shirt and expanded the arcade area.

The story about Caine Monroy continues to inspire.

Watch the newest video from Caine’s Arcade:

And watch the video that started it all: