REVIEW: Where’s My Water?? (iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android)

Is it possible to learn physics from a gravity-based game? I don’t know. But you can learn to solve problems with “Where’s My Water”.

The game is about an alligator who lives in the sewer and loves to take showers. Unfortunately the sewers are filled with sand. The player must remove the sand by touching on it, but be carefull not to remove too much or at the wrong places.

The game is made by Disney, probably as a response to Warner Bros. Scribblenauts Remix, a new classic when it comes to games that lets kids innovate and be creative, writing words that then comes “alive”. In the same category we find Max and the Magic Maker, about a boy who jumps around like a typical platform game, but the player has the ability to draw directly inside the game world where everything drawn becomes physical objects.

But “Where’s My Water” is not a platformer. There’s no moving character, only water, sand and some switches. The puzzles difficulty level continues to rise, flow is intact, so my son and I can play the same game while both learn from it.

In the end, the game needs more elements – clay, powder, ice, whatever. It’s hours of fun, but after that, you put the game down and move on with your life.

Stars: 4/6

Download the app here (Android)

and here (iPad/iPod/iPhone)