Caine’s Arcade. A constructing kid + web 2.0 = Awesomeness!!

This 9-year-old boy Caine created his own arcade only using cardboard and whatever he had in his possession. He took the “playing shop with your toys” a step further!

His dad, an auto mechanic, encouraged him to make the arcades instead of buying them for him. And the result is impressive! Caine thought of it all: The tickets, the prize for winning, security, the flow of the arcades and the mechanics. Unfortunately, Caine’s Arcade was placed in front of his dad’s garage: a junkyard in LA.  Caine’s only costumer decided to surprise him with a flashmob of costumers and made a short movie out of it. He liked Caine’s ideas and pricing (one dollar per game and two dollars for a fun pas, which means one month of 500 games) and therefore created a Facebook event which immediately became viral. The video shows the event, and it looks like a great success!

I think this proves, that many kids learn best with their hands! If you give them a chance to develop their talents, creativity is then an open highway! Sure, Caine is a talented boy, but I believe that this scenario is possible for everyone. Good luck to Caine. I am sure he will be succesful in his future life.

Make sure to visit the homepage of Caine’s arcade ( ) where you can donate to support his Scholarship Fund and of course, watch the movie: