Review: Scribblenauts Remix (iPhone/iPad/iPod)

The app Scribblenauts Remix for iPhone/iPad/iPod is an action puzzle problem-based game, originally for the Nintendo DS. It is published by Warner Bros. Interactive.

The objective is to solve a puzzle by conjuring objects. In this example from the picture, our hero needs to get to the other side of the water, without getting eaten by the shark. To solve this, there is multiple solutions: You could summon a boat to sail across, a jetpack to fly, above or a gun to shoot the shark with, and much more!…ergo: There is a lot of room for creativity! To make the objects appear, the player only needs to type them. Nouns and sometimes also adjectives are allowed.

By not having dictated the way to solve the mazes, the game developers encourage children to use their imagination. And if they misspell a word, the game will come up with alternatives, which partly removes the spelling barrier and gives younger children the opportunity to play. What also lowers the age of potential players, is the voice-recognition feature that comes with Siri. This feature lets children, who cannot even read and write, play it! My son is 4 years old and he is in this age group. If he could speak english, he would be able to play this game alone!! unfortunately he can’t, so the way we play it, is me reading, translating and letting him figure out what objects we need to use. He then tests and rejects or accepts them.

It’s a well-known fact, that children are more creative than adults. I believe this is due to the way we gets unified through our schooling. Bricolage (Styhre) is a word for how children innovate before they gets unified. They don’t see the barriers that adults are thought exist, therefore they rethink the concepts in a much more radical way. Often these ways are illogical and unrealistic, but fundamentally these innovations contain more truth and are more direct, which adults could learn from!

This app enables a child at a very young age to innovate (around 4 years and up). Only minus from my perspective, is the barrier of the language, If the voice-recognition could analyze and translate Danish and other foreign languages, my review would give a full house in exchange.

Stars: 5/6

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